WIN32 API Programming with Visual Basic. Steven Roman

WIN32 API Programming with Visual Basic

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WIN32 API Programming with Visual Basic Steven Roman
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

You have just built a simple calculator using Win32 API and Visual Studio 2010! Click here to start Use Windows Control Panel to uninstall “Autodesk Inventor 2013 Developer Tools”, if it's already installed. A programmer can put together an application using the components provided with Visual Basic itself. The Windows API is enormously complex. Just a bit of experience you can do animation (animation) or create amazing visual effects without having to touch the Windows API (Application Programming Interface) to use the BitBlt function . In this guide, you will be working with the Autodesk Inventor COM API and the Visual Basic programming language. It has over 800 functions, some of which can perform a wide variety of tasks. The value of Visual Basic is that it greatly simplifies Windows programming. In this case, we will be learning the Win32 API by programming a simple integer calculator with the help of Visual Studio 2010. This instructable is for programmers of any skill level who know the basics of c++ and want to become familiar with the Win32 API. Visual Basic (VB) is a third-generation event driven programming language and associated development environment from Microsoft for its COM programming model. Programs written in Visual Basic can also use the Windows API, but doing so requires external function declarations. Or copy a Picture from one place to another.