Sinclair ZX81 Basic programming by Steven Vickers

Sinclair ZX81 Basic programming

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Page: 164
Format: chm
Publisher: Sinclair Research, Ltd

It replaced the world's best selling consumer computer in 1982 and introduced "high resolution" colour visuals and sound , as well as an extended version of the already-popular Sinclair Basic programming language. I'm sitting in my racing/flight sim rig in my office with one of the most powerful home built computers that money can buy and right next to me is my collection of Sinclair computers. The ZX Spectrum home computer, Sir Clive Sinclair's game-changing follow-up to the ZX81, has turned 30 years old today. Title, Sinclair ZX81 BASIC Programming. All three computers had similar amounts of RAM and processing power, and all three had similar editions of the BASIC programming language. This means a program written in ZX BASIC should be compliant with Sinclair BASIC commands and sintax (lines must be numbered and no use of ZX BASIC own commands and datatypes). Completely stark raving Over the next two or so years I spent a lot of time buying Sinclair magazines and typing in programs from them. ZX81 Manual Front Cover I spent a lot of time reading and referring to the ZX81 basic manual. BASIC listing should be runnable natively. The art work as much imprinted on my mind as the little black flashing K that was the 'ear' of the ZX81. Publisher, Sinclair Research Limited. I had the 16k RAM pack with mine, which attached to the ZX81 via a really dodgy edge connector. The first of course is the venerable ZX81. Note: For those expansions, interpreters or compilers that allow to include inline assembly on the BASIC program, such feature should not be used as it collides with the competition's rules. Tags: basic, RSP2012, sinclair, zx81. The cover of the manual is futuristic with two tiny spacecraft parked on top of some space port or something.